In this Web site I share some of my philosophical thoughts. While my specialty is philosophy of music, in this site I will venture into other philosophical areas when I feel it's appropriate.

In addition, there are varoius approaches in which one can present his/her thoughts, and therefore, not just essays or articles. Accordingly, the writings shall be in various formats, e.g., essays, articles, a commentary, passing thoughts, Spinozian style (a proof of sorts), aphorisms, and so on. I believe these different approaches enable me to convey certain kinds of thoughts more effectively.(Indeed, one need not necessarily write anything in doing philosophy: interviews, lecturing, and just interacting with people are other means of presenting philosophy, e.g., Socrates.)

Finally, when encountering philosophy, one should truly receive something meaningful. Philosophy should not be just some intellectual exercise as some writings are, or something that ultimately is meaningless. For example, while I admire Bertrand Russell's rigor in his writing, "Descriptions," it is,however, an example of something that is overly intellectualized and ultimately provides no real meaning in one's life. I believe philosophy should be: clear but not simplistic, concise but insightful, erudite but not overly intellectualized. My hope is that my writings will make you see the world around you a little differently and on a deeper level, therefore, enriching your life and giving it more meaning.

As I live my life, I try to keep this philosophical view in mind (quotation by me), "Remember why we do what we do."


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